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all ur brushes are belong to us

shamera tsukishirou
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freedreamers is the icon journal for Shamera (tsukishirou), since she is a dork and is trying to separate all her journals so that things will finally be organized. Writing in one journal, personal life in another, challenges in another, a collaborative journal, and now an icon journal.

You can understand how she abuses the power of LiveJournal now.

Shamera does not require credit for her icons (she is not stupid enough to assume that they're good enough for credit), but it would certainly be nice if you comment on what you liked. Hotlinking = BIG no-no. She would like her Photobucket to not die on her.


tsukishirou = Shamera's personal journal.
shamera = Her locked fiction journal.
blackpotkettle = collaborative writing journal with losthitsuzen.
pavlovs_cats = writing/art/design challenge community.


Brushes used:

All icons (with the exception of sometimes when I go without and have to use the default Windows paint) mady with Photoshop 7.0. :D I'm such a loser. I love this program and don't want to waste my time learning other programs.


Hey, look, a free write! Um... icon updating comes once every blue moon, since I lose interest way too fast and am more buried in my writing, anyway. Icons also alternate depending on what fandom I'm into and what images I can find. Pretty pictures always welcomed. ♥

I also alternate icon styles pretty quick- different cycles and all. I go, 'ooooh, that looks pretty' and then I wait a month or two before I gather up the courage to try something like that. But really, there's not much to be said about the icons. One batch will be dark, another pale, and another batch will all be halved icons. Cycles, yanno.